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Group Discussion is a scenario where a few like-minded people discuss a topic and give their views and opinions about it to reach on a conclusion or just for the sake of discussion. These can get tough to crack for your MBA/PDGM entrance tests, therefore is providing students with Rules of GD, Topics of GD, and tips and tricks to crack GD.


Rules of Group Discussion

·        Let everyone speak: Let everyone speak and don’t just keep on saying something. GD is about speaking out relevant information to support the topic being discussed. It doesn’t earn you more points to speak more.

·        Do not be aggressive: Trying to be aggressive to make people listen and agree on your point is not ethical so don’t do that.

·        Don’t stand on someone’s head: don’t bang or point on someone because you don’t agree with their point, listen to it and move on, if the majority does not support it will not be considered a valid point.

·        Respect everyone’s view:  show people that you respect their view and they will in return respect what you say. The old saying ‘give respect and get respect’

·        Carry a notepad with you:  carry a notepad so that you can note down important points and information that you can use later in the discussion.

·        Be clear about what you say:  People should be able to understand what you say so be loud and clear. Also, don’t be confused about what you support to stick to your point and convey your message.

·        It’s a discussion, not a debate! Don’t fight or try to win like it’s a debate, you do not point out who said what and try to prove your point or make them look wrong in GD, you just state your point and finish.  


Group Discussion Topics

Types of GD Topics

Business and Economy Related: This category includes the latest trends in the business world and the economy, Policy updates or new policies, and impact on the economy and business trends due to external factors.

Current Affairs: These can be based on the latest news and updates happening in the economy and businesses. National or International political or economic affairs, policies and issues debated in the media. To be prepared for these best is to stay updated with the news.

Social Issues: Top MBA colleges try to make the students socially responsible citizens, therefore they lay great emphasis on social issues like gender inequality, social injustice, business or human ethics, Environment sensitivity, etc.

Abstract Topics:  These are tricky topics specially made to check your creativity and give you a challenge. Make sure you think of these as creatively as possible instead of thinking technically. These topics usually have multiple interpretations so that they can check your knowledge and smart thinking.

Group Discussion Latest Topics:


Sr. No.





Poverty in India: Facts, Causes, Effects, Solutions

Business & Economy



Indian Economy in 2018-19: Performance and Policies of Modi Regime

Business & Economy



Agriculture Role in India and Subsidies: Problems and Challenges

Business & Economy



Women Empowerment & Gender Justice: Addressing the Equality. Challenges faced

Social Issue



End of Globalization/ De-Globalization/ Nationalization 

Business & Economy

IIM- Bangalore, MDI- Gurgaon, IIM- Lucknow


Climate – Change/ Pollution

Social Issue

IIM-Bangalore, IIM- Trichy, TISS- Mumbai


Retirement Homes: Do Advantages of living in them outweigh the disadvantages?

Social Issue

TAPMI, IIM- Indore


Social Media: Impact on Human Behavior and Society

Social Issue

IIM- Ranchi, IIM Ahmedabad


Impact of Technology on Jobs

Current Affairs

MDI- Gurgaon, CAP Process for New IIMs


#Me too Campaign

Current Affairs

IIM- Ahmedabad, IIM- Calcutta


Crypto Currency/ Bitcoin

Current Affairs

IMI- Delhi


Banking Scams

Current Affairs

MDI-  Gurgaon


Mars Mission for India Justified?

Current Affairs

MDI- Gurgaon


Is India ready for cashless Economy?

Business & Economy




Abstract Topic



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So, prepare well for these topics to get a good idea about your Group Discussions but before going read these tips and tricks to crack your GD Round.


Tips and Tricks to crack your GD Round:

* When the topic is given and you know the answer, say it, you earn points for starting the discussion and if you do not know about the topic listen about it first don’t just start for sake of starting you may lose points for speaking rubbish.

Preparation: Before speaking out carelessly prepare for what you want to say, in your mind prepare a good formation of good vocabulary and then say it aloud.

Speak Clearly: Whatever you say, say it clearly such that people understand what you want to convey.

Active Listening: Listen and focus on what everybody has to say, not just the points you agree with the benefit of which you will know below.

Share Ideas, Views, and Opinions: The discussion will be more effective when everyone speaks out and the views and opinions of everyone are listened to.

Encourage others: Encourage others to speak up and make them feel safe to do so.

Do do not Dominate: Do not push your opinions on others and repeat the same things, GD is about speaking relevant and informative stuff instead of just saying stuff.

Avoid Conflict: Everyone has different views and opinions and this is a discussion not a debate so respect what everyone has to say and do not initiate or support a conflict.

Refocus: If the discussion starts to lose its focus bring it back to the topic it may

Summary: Remember I stated to listen to speakers, here is the reason; one of the speakers has to give a summary of the discussion they just had which includes providing a brief of everyone’s views and opinions and deriving a conclusion from it and say it. This earns you points.

üStarting and ending a GD earns you points.

Nervousness control: You can get nervous while facing who are literally sitting there to judge you on what you speak and do, so don’t worry here are some points for you:

> Cross your legs and fold them under the chair. This will stop you from shaking your legs with nervousness.

> Take deep breaths slowly. So that people can’t actually notice you taking deep breaths.

> Speak like people who are sitting with you are here to learn from you and you have to explain them

> Think of your happy place that will make you feel calm.

> Walk and talk like you own the place.

* Body Language: Make sure that you are not displaying any signs of nervousness or improper posture. Sit straight, shoulders up high, chin up, and with confidence and a positive attitude.

So, finally, after reading this, I guess you are pretty much prepared for your GD round. I hope you do great in your GD round and All the Best to you.

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