How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT exam?

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How to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT 2018 exam?


CAT is one of the major entrance exam to secure a seat in the top B schools of India.  As the time passes quickly, CAT aspirants need to more focus on their CAT 2018 preparations. To crack the exam aspirants must remember the thumb rules of Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC).


Quantitative Aptitude section is probably the scariest section for most students preparing for the CAT. As the quant-based on logic and theories, it contains a list of endless formulas and long calculations. Aspirants must learn all the shortcuts and tricks, to solve the questions accurately and save their time for the rest of the questions.  The more you practice, the more you can remember the formulas and the faster you can solve them. Quant is all about practicing at its peak. 


 Aspirants who are expecting to get a call from IIMs need to focus on sectional cutoffs, the overall cutoff is not enough for a call. Accuracy is the most important thing while solving the questions, as compared to focusing on the number of questions attempted. So even if candidates do not attempt all the questions, they can still score good marks in the section. There are 34 questions in the CAT Quantitative Aptitude section. Even if you are able to do half of them, in almost all cases, it will get you a really good score.

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As it’s a challenging section, some helpful tips, and tricks to solve aptitude section-

Start with the basics

Candidates are advised to clear all the basic concepts. Start learning the concepts that can help you save time while attempting the Quant section. Solve questions as much as possible, start from attempting easy to difficult level. Basic concepts are key to success.

Plan your preparation schedule and Cover all the topics. Don’t leave any of the topic uncovered as it is equally important, besides learning the concepts for quant. Make a daily routine chart which covers all the topics, number of days, timing to complete per topic. Allot the number of days according to the remaining time of CAT 2018 Exam. As aspirants have limited time for preparation, and quant requires a lot of practice and without making time slots it’s very difficult to cover all the topics. You need to identify your weak areas and devote more time to that topic. Stick with your daily schedule and prepare yourself according to that.

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Use shortcuts

Use shortcuts as much as possible, once you are confident with your concepts then practicing with shortcuts. Improving your mental calculation as it is one of the best ways to solve questions quickly. Instead of using long methods go with the shortcuts. This will ensure accuracy and save time also.


Take sectional Mock Tests on QA

To get fully prepared for the exam mock test is very necessary to know about your preparations. After taking a mock test, candidates can evaluate their performance and check their stronger and weaker sections according to that, they can prepare themselves for the main exam. Attempt mock test as much as possible.


Pay attention to sectional time

The sectional time limit for CAT 2018 is 60 minutes to answer one question, so you have to be calculative and have to answer the question in this time limit. Try to Keep a buffer time of minimum 10 minutes to complete one section, for that prepare for mock tests will let you complete the exam beforehand, thus saving the time. Keep one thing in mind While attempting mock tests, attempt the question accurately in minimum time do not focus only on attempting the question

CAT 2018 is held on 25th November 2018. Candidates who are appearing for the exam must remember the above-mentioned points in mind while preparing for the Quant section. Regular practice and revision of important formulas help you in scoring good marks in the quant section and in cracking the CAT 2018 exam.


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