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Management Aptitude Test (MAT) 2024


Management Aptitude Test (MAT) is a national-level management entrance examination. The test scores are used for admission to various MBA, PGDM and allied management programmes. The exam is conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA). More than 600 B-Schools accept MAT exam scores.


MAT is held four times in a year: February, May, September and December.  Exam dates and other schedules are generally announced three months before the exam.


The last exam for 2023 will be held on December 17, 2023. Dates for MAT February 2023 have also been announced. The Paper Based Test has been scheduled for February and March 2024 and the Computer Based Test will be conducted also on February and March 2024.


MAT is an objective-type test with multiple-choice questions. Candidates can choose to take the exam in either of the two modes – paper-based or computer-based.


MAT EXAM 2024  Important Date

MAT Feb 2024 & MAT March 2024 important dates have been announced.


·         25 Feb 2024 - MAT 2024 Paper-Based Test

·         05  March  2024 - MAT 2024 Computer-Based Test


MAT exam syllabus has five sections: Indian and Global Environment, Language Comprehension, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Mathematical Skills, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning. Aspirants need a thorough grip on logical and analytic reasoning, verbal ability, data interpretation, quant, mathematics and social awareness.


Here's a detailed view of all topics covered in MAT syllabus:

Indian & Global Environment Section

This section is unique to MAT exam. It's mostly about current affairs and latest new:

·                  Current affairs

·                  Business

·                  World Records

·                  Top officials of big companies

·                  Famous awards and Prizes

·                  Books and Authors

·                  Punch line of companies

·                  History

·                  International Organisation

·                  Important Quotations

·                  Social issues

·                  Geography

·                  Sports

·                  Finance

·                  Major Corporate news

·                  Automobiles

·                  Entertainment

·                  Politics

·                  Science



Data Analysis and Sufficiency / Mathematical Skills

Core topics in DA are:

·                  Geometry, (Lines, angles, Triangles, Spheres, Rectangles, Cube, Cone etc)

·                  Ratios and Proportion

·                  Number system

·                  Work and time

·                  HCF & LCM

·                  Algebra

·                  Profit & Loss

·                  In-equations Quadratic and linear equations

·                  Geometric Progression

·                  Percentages

·                  Averages

·                  Partnership (Accounts)

·                  Time-Speed-Distance



Language Comprehension

Verbal ability is an important part of every MBA exam. Here are the core topics for MAT verbal section:

·                  Verbal Reasoning

·                  Syllogisms

·                  Fill In the Blanks

·                  Contextual usage

·                  Analogies

·                  Different usage of same word

·                  Antonyms

·                  Sentence completion

·                  Jumbled paragraphs

·                  Foreign language words used in English

·                  Sentence correction

·                  Idioms

·                  One word substitution


Intelligence and Critical Reasoning

Prepare the following subjects under CR:

·         Family tree

·         Strong Arguments and Weak Arguments

·         Multi-dimensional arrangements

·         Course of Action

·         Puzzles

·         Visual reasoning

·         Arrangement

·         Series

·         Numeric grid

·         Pie Chart

·         Blood Relations

·         Critical Reasoning

·         Calendars

·         Coding & Decoding

·         Syllogisms

·         Statement Conclusions

·         Column graphs

·         Graphs representing Area


Last-minute tips to crack MAT

Only four days are left for MAT exam (MAT-2024 Feb, pen-and-paper test), and the aspirants are already feeling the heat. But that’s exactly what they don’t need to feel.

Ask the students who appeared for the exam. They will vouch for a stress-free approach toward the exam.

MAT or Management Aptitude Test is held four times a year- February, May, September and December. The test analyses candidates on the basis of their knowledge and skills in the following five subjects:

·         Language Comprehension

·         Mathematical Skills

·         Data Analysis

·         Intelligence & Critical Reasoning

·         Indian & Global Environment Section

For the students who are all set to take MAT 2024 Feb 4 test (the computer based test will be held on March 05), here are a few things they need to keep in mind:

It’s time for revision, not cramming: No doubt you need to stay updated on current affairs and for that reading newspaper is a must, but when there’s only a couple of days left for the exam, it’s not time to study new and detailed topics. "Read and revise" should be your strategy in the penultimate days. Solve sample papers, time yourself and prepare for examination environment.

Time management:Start with the section you are most confident about. Remember the key is doing your best in the stipulated time. There’s no point fretting over questions that are difficult. Solve easy questions first and then move on to difficult ones.

Speed and accuracy:if you get stuck on a question, leave it and move on. You can always come back to it later, if time permits. Remember, if you will mark one wrong answer, you will lose credit for the question. Hence, be wise and move on.

Don’t gamble: If out of four options given, you manage to zero in on two out of which, one could be right, take a few seconds to analyse and choose the preferred option. Better still, leave the question if you are not totally convinced about your preferred option.

Stay away from stress: You’ve been studying hard for the exam for the past few months and now it is time to prepare yourself for the exam. Sleep well, eat well and engage yourself in some recreational activities. Night before the exam, revise important topics and sleep for good 8 hours. In the exam centre be calm and confident. Tell yourself- “I can crack it”.  If you will take stress, you will be vulnerable to making silly mistakes. So be positive.

All the best!

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