Types of MBA Courses-Full-time,Executive,Distance,Online.

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Types of MBA Courses-Full time, Executive, Distance, Online

Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is the most hunted degree for a successful career in the corporate world. The acquisition of an MBA is the gateway into a dynamic global business environment and being a competent professional.

Why MBA?? Reasons to do MBA!!!

Universities around the world offer different types of MBA programs allowing students to study according to their needs and priorities. Apart from the regular full-time MBA program; There are a variety of programs leading to an MBA that allow students from different professional and social backgrounds to take an MBA program fits their need. Most of these MBA programs require a student to submit their entrance score. These include different types of MBA programs as:
  • Full-time MBA

  • Executive MBA

  • Part-time MBA

  • Correspondence Course

  • Distance MBA Courses

  • Online MBA courses 


Full-time MBA-

The full-time MBA is one to two years of full-time postgraduate program. Participants attend weekday business school classes and are required to spend 12 to 24 months of their life while studying for a degree. That's why it's so important to get family support when you start an MBA.
They allow participants to immerse themselves in their studies and often provide a period of time to undertake an internship. Full-time MBA programs are suitable for participants with one to two years of work experience and for fresher’s too.

Executive MBA-

Executive MBA Program. Are you a professional trainee? The EMBA program is delivered in a part-time format over a period of 12 to 24 months, allowing participants to study while they work. Business schools are looking for EMBA participants with extensive management experience (five years minimum) and, as a result, EMBA candidates are more mature than their full-time MBA counterparts. Due to the nature of the EMBA, participants need support and, in many cases, financial support from their organization EMBA classrooms are made up of a variety of backgrounds, functions, and positions. The EMBA is also gaining popularity as a qualification among women because of its flexible nature.

Part-time MBA-

A part-time MBA program is for professionals who take classes in the evening after work and want to improve their careers by an  MBA degree.part-time MBA program usually offers the same specializations as a full-time MBA program, but in some cases the number of concentrations is limited. Some part-time programs are as extended as full-time programs but are spread over a longer period. A part-time program is the most effective and targeted program for aspiring and ambitious professionals who are willing to combine their professional expertise with knowledge of contemporary management theories and practices.

This is one of the unique types of MBA programs that can be funded with loan available to eligible students. Sometimes employers also provide tuition reimbursement as a benefit to employees. When considering a part-time program, some limitations of this program should be kept in mind. As students are working, scholarships are not available and even career services are quite limited. In this format, most international MBA programs cannot be converted to full time because credits are not transferred

Distance MBA-

Distance learning MBA programs are gaining popularity as more and more people want to pursue their education and career, but have to reconcile their professional, family and academic commitments. MBA distance learning programs allow students to earn an MBA at excellent universities according to their own schedule and there are many programs available that provide MBA training just as valuable as that received in a traditional classroom.
Distance learning is a way of learning from a distance without being in regular contact with a teacher in the classroom. 
 MBA distance learning programs use several modalities for delivery of curriculum. These include web conferencing, direct broadcast satellite, live streaming, email, message boards, and chat rooms. MBA distance learning programs experience the same curriculum as in a classroom setting and examine such areas of business as marketing, management, accounting, finance, law, and ethics. Students in MBA distance learning programs are usually expected to complete a thesis or final project to complete the degree program. 

Online MBA courses-

Many business schools have responded to the needs of MBA degree. Participants can gain the qualification from the comfort of their own home and apply it immediately in their everyday work. However, studying for an online MBA requires high levels of self-discipline and time management.

Initially, online and distance learning MBA programs were not thought to be of the same caliber as those offered on campus - participants were seen to be missing out on classroom debate and interaction with colleagues. However, many online MBA is an MBA degree that is an effective MBA degree in MBA acquired in the classroom.

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List of Popular MBA specializations –

  • MBA in Operations Management
  • MBA in Marketing Management
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Human Resource Management
  • MBA in Hospital Management
  • MBA in Telecom Management
  • MBA in Hospitality Management
  • MBA in Retail Management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship and Leadership
  • MBA in Finance and Accounting
  • MBA in Insurance Management
  • MBA in Marketing and Sales
  • MBA in Operations and Production Management
  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in General Management
  • MBA in E-Business Management
  • MBA in Hospital Administration
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MBA in Banking Management
  • MBA in Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • MBA in Business Leadership
  • MBA in E-commerce Marketing and Management
  • MBA in Financial Planning and Analysis
  • MBA in Foreign Trade and Global Business Management
  • MBA in International Marketing
  • MBA in Investment Banking and Wealth Management
  • MBA in Project Leadership and Management
  • MBA in Risk Management
  • MBA in Strategic Management
  • Master in Risk Management
  • Master in Human Resources and Organization
  • Master in the Science of Public Administration
  • Master in International Business Administration
  • MBA in Innovation Management
  • MBA in Investment Management
  • MBA in Pharma Management
  • MBA in Strategic Finance
  • MBA in Finance Management
  • MBA in Management
  • Master of Public Administration
  • MBA in Business Analytics
  • MBA in Rural Management
  • MBA in Oil and Gas
  • MBA in Power Management
  • MBA in Petroleum and Natural Gas Management
  • MBA in Information Technology Management
  • MBA in IT and Systems
  • MBA Management Information Systems


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