Syllabus for NMAT 2019

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Syllabus for NMAT 2019

The Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS) uses NMAT scores for admission to its different MBA programmes offered in its Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru campuses. Online NMAT is conducted in various Indian cities. Since the exam pattern same as compared to those of alternative tests, the preparation plan for NMAT is also expected to be closely parallel. In this test, candidates have to attempt 120 questions in 120 minutes. It's a speed-driven exam. Therefore, candidates ought to be very thorough with the various concepts of Verbal, Quant, DI, and Reasoning.

NMAT syllabus 2019is based on the three subjects included in the question paper. Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) has not mentioned any specific NMAT 2019 syllabus. However, candidates can refer to important topics from for the three subjects i.e. Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning as the syllabus for NMAT exam. Candidates should focus on attempting more questions quickly rather than accurately since there is no negative marking scheme as per NMAT exam pattern 2019. Also, the time limit for each section is predetermined therefore; candidates should focus on their speed of attempting the questions.

NMAT Syllabus for Verbal Ability

Major requirements of a candidate to get an admission in MBA/ PGDM program are to possess a good command over English language and communication skills.

  • There are 32 questions that must be completed in 22 minutes.
  • The language skills section tests a candidate’s command over the language.
  • It also assesses the ability of the candidate in using correct grammar and language skills along with the ability to correct the incorrect sentences based on grammar.
  • This section usually consists of 2 to 4 reading comprehensions based on which the candidates have to answer to the questions that follow.

NMAT by GMAC Syllabus for Language Skills

Language usage and their rules

Para Jumble

Syntax and correct grammar


Fill in the blanks


Reading comprehension

Anonyms and Synonyms



Dictionary meanings

Mark the errors

NMAT Syllabus for Reasoning

This section assesses a candidate’s ability to analyze basic logical questions that need a reasoning aptitude to understand and solve.

  • It is mainly designed to measure the ability to build logical conclusions based on arguments or statements and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of those arguments.
  • Reasoning questions usually consists of abstract, diagrammatic or inductive reasoning questions.
  • The shape sequences and logical patterns are used to test the mental ability of the candidates.

The reasoning section in NMAT has questions from verbal reasoning as well as logical reasoning. The verbal reasoning topics are:

Critical Reasoning

Assertions and Reasons

Assumption Conclusions

Courses of action

Strong & Weak arguments

The Logical reasoning topics are:

Family Based Puzzles

Seating Arrangements

Circular Arrangements

Coding / Decoding

Input / Output


NMAT Syllabus for Quantitative Skills:

  • NMAT 2019 syllabus for Quantitative skills covers four major areas – Quantitative Ability; Data Analysis; Data Sufficiency and Data Interpretation.
  • Candidates will be given 60 minutes to answer 48 questions.
  • This section concerns with the candidate’s mental ability and accuracy for mathematical problems.
  • It is a scoring section and the questions are majorly designed to check the candidate’s ability to inculcate mathematical principles to solve real-time problems.
  • It requires active use of candidate’s intellect in using the mathematical concepts to answer the questions.
  • The difficulty level of the section is based on 10+2 level


Profit and Loss

Simple Interest & Compound Interest

Ratio Proportions

Time and Work

Time Speed & Distance

Number Systems


Quadratic and Linear equations



Probability, Permutation & Combination


Data Sufficiency


Detailed NMAT by GMAC Syllabus for Quantitative Ability Section


Number System, HCF, LCM, Ratio and Proportion, Simplification, Percentage, Average, Age Calculation, Time and Work, Distances etc.


Theory of Equations, Quadratic Equations, Permutations and Combinations, Sequence and Series etc.


Angles, Lines, Triangles, and Circles etc.


Areas and Volumes of rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, cubes, cuboids, cones, spheres etc. these sub topics also come under the heading of 2D and 3D geometry.


Maxima and Minima Function etc.


Trigonometric Ratios, Heights, and Distances etc.

NMAT Syllabus for Data Interpretation

This section not solely consists of questions pertaining to the Logical Reasoning but also from Data Interpretation. It is a significant topic which tests the ability of the candidate to interpret the given data in the form of graphs and tables etc. The major NMAT by GMAC question topics for Data Interpretation is as follows:

Bar Graph

Line Graph

Pie Chart



Combination of Graphs

Data Sufficiency etc.




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