Which Country Is the BEST For MBBS - Philippines, Russia, Ukraine or China?

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Which Country Is the BEST For MBBS - Philippines, Russia, Ukraine or China?

Medication is one of the most prominent career paths over the world, and the journey to turning into a doctor typically begins with gaining a MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree.

Unfortunately, there is a drastic difference between the number of MBBS seats in India and the number of candidates. A year ago, there were about 13 lakh students attempting NEET for admission to around 60,000 seats. That adds up to about 22 students going after a single seat!

As indicated by the Medial Council of India (MCI), there are 494 recognized universities in India that offer MBBS courses, with an aggregate of 63,050 seats. In examination, there are 407 extra institutes situated over the globe that are recognized by the MCI for MBBS courses

Couple this with the significant expense of MBBS in India at private institute (a similar degree is frequently less expensive universally!) and the appeal of travelling abroad, and you won't be amazed to see that MBBS from abroad is turning into a prevalent choice today.

Why To Pursue An MBBS Degree from Abroad?

There are different advantages of pursuing a MBBS degree from abroad. Here are the most significant ones.

ØLess Dependence on NEET Rank

Despite the fact that from 2018 onwards the highly competitive NEET selection test has turned out to be necessary for applying to MBBS courses globally, the challenge will even now be considerably less compared with Indian Institutes. There is almost 3 times the number of students applying for the MBBS course in India as the number of available seats, and the challenge is cutthroat as admissions happens based on ranks secured. In correlation, students pursuing MBBS abroad have negligible requirements as far as NEET Rankings.


ØLower Costs Compared to Private Indian Institutes

Government medicinal schools in India are undoubtedly affordable; be that as it may, the private medical universities are costly, with expenses around Rs. 45 lakh to pursue a MBBS degree. In comparison, a MBBS degree in outside destination like China, Russia or the Philippines would cost not as much as Rs. 30 lakh based on specific country. A medical degree in the US meanwhile would cost up to Rs. 70 lakh. Additionally, there are many hidden costs engaged with learning at a private medical school in India, which can be wiped out by studying abroad where the expenses are to a great extent direct.


ØHigh caliber of Education

Organizations that are recognized by the MCI and furthermore satisfy the nearby guidelines of education regulations for the most part offer top quality education to MBBS students. When compared with domestic institute, medical universities abroad face extensive censure to keep up quality standards. Nonetheless, it's best to confirm the rankings as well as reviews of any colleges you are thinking about applying to.


ØUniversal Exposure

Considering abroad is a learning experience in itself, regardless to the course, as you find out about new culture and how to adapt to new environment. Especially for a MBBS course, studying abroad gives exposure to a variety of medical conditions, alongside advanced innovation, best in class mechanical assembly, and conveniences. Apart from teachers, you will learn from interacting with students from various nationalities too.


Which Countries Are the Best to Study MBBS for Indian Students?

As medication is a significant field in each country, for virtually all nations offer MBBS courses. In any case, for Indian students, the nation’s offering MBBS can be classified as those requiring an entrance test and those that don't.

Countries, for example, US, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, France, Canada and Malaysiawill all require you to take their entrance test compulsorily for admission to MBBS courses. Eligibility criteria also varies based on the destination nation, for example, if you are interested in studying medicine in the US, you need to have completed your graduation (either 4 years course or a distinctions course) before you can apply for the MBBS entrance exam.

In comparison, countries without selection tests have been observed to be progressively well known with Indian students looking for a MBBS abroad. Common destinations incorporate China, Philippines, Russia and Ukraine. These nations offer reasonable MBBS courses with a simpler admission process.

Here are some of popular MCI-recognized universities abroad offering MBBS courses:


UV Gullas College of Medicine

Davao Medical School Foundation

Angeles University Foundation

AMA School of Medicine

Bicol Christian College of Medicine

University of Philippines

Cebu Institute of Medicine

University of Northern Philippines

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila College of Medicine

Saint Luke’s College of Medicine

West Visayas State University College of Medicine

Our Lady of Fatima University

University of Perpetual Help


Ningbo University

Jiangsu University

Wuhan University

Southeast University

China Medical University

Hebei Medical University

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Capital Medical University

Jilin Medical University


Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

Russian National Research Medical University

Mordovia State University

Northern State University

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow

Siberian State Medical University

Ryazan Medical University, Ryazan

Kuban State Medical University


Odessa National Medical University

Sumy State University, Sumy

Bogomolets National Medical University

Ternopil State Medical University

Donetsk State Medical University

Kyiv National Medical University

Vinnitsa National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University


Advantages of these countries:


o    No Donation

o    English speaking country

o    Maximum Indian students

o    Reasonable cost

o    Tropical Climate similar to India

o    Varieties of  food available which includes Indian food also

o    MCI, WHO,UNESCO,IMEDrecognized

o    Follow US Education System

o     Designed the quality Internship program



o    No entrance exam

o    No Donation

o    Ukraine University World ranking is averagely high


o    Medicine in Ukraine is much cheaper compared to other places.

o    The general daily life cost in Ukraine is relatively cheaper.

o    Educational System in Ukraine are widely accepted worldwide



o    Education in Russia has been one of the best one in the whole Europe, specifically engineering and Medicine.

o    Studying in Russia is very cheap, compared to other parts of Europe.

o    Living cost is very affordable

o    International students in Russia are sure to enjoy multicultural environment.

o    No Entrance needed

o    No donation

o    Accommodation in Russia is very comfortable and most are on-campus



o    Globally recognized

o    Living costs and tuition are considerably lower in China

o    Study in a society with excellent public security

o     Plenty of quality hospitals for internship

o     Colorful and fulfilling campus life.


Qualification Criteria for MBBS Abroad

The definite qualification for admission to an MBBS course globally would largely rely upon the specific medicinal school in considerations. However, there are a couple of general qualification requirements to pursue an MBBS degree abroad.

  • Your age ought to be over 17 years as of the 31st December of the year you are looking for admission for.
  • You ought to have finished Class twelfth with the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.
  • Least total level of Physics, Chemistry and Biology must be in at least 50 percent.
  • From 2018 onwards, you ought to have cleared NEET.


Expenses of Studying a MBBS Abroad

The expenses to consider abroad rely on the education costs, cost of living and duration of course obviously. A MBBS course for the most part finishes in 5-6 years, including compulsory internships.

Here is a glance at an expected aggregate of the costs for seeking after MBBS in different nations:


China: Rs. 22-45 lakhs

Philippines: Rs. 10.25-30 lakhs

Russia: Rs. 18-40 lakhs

Ukraine: Rs. 20-40 lakh


In India, the expenditure for a MBBS degree from government institutes is normally not as much as Rs. 4 lakh. However, the expenditure of a MBBS degree from a private institute in India can go around Rs 45 lakh.


Is Studying MBBS Abroad Worth It?


Investing into a degree that will shape your career is a smart thought; however you should also think about the majority of the available choices. Securing admission to the MBBS course in a government medicinal school in India isn't simple, and if you miss out, you still have much great opportunity; despite everything you have numerous choices.


You can consider studying abroad which would probably cost not exactly a MBBS degree from a private medical school in India, and have your pick of a wide variety of countries and institutes that offer a recognized MBBS degree. Keep in mind, research is key, to guarantee that you join an institutes that is reputed and will furnish you with the required knowledge and training.


If you are unclear about your way, consider taking career counseling to help you to choose your career goals and how to accomplish them.


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