What do students need to carry to the CAT 2022 examination venue?

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What do students need to carry to the CAT 2022 examination venue?

The exam day is getting closer, the candidates are already feeling pressure. But they need to remember that this is not the time to get hyper now what they need is a calm head and be self-confident. And more importantly, they should be calm on the day of the exam so they cannot make small mistakes that they have to pay a very high price.

“Aspirants need to remember two rules 1) Never quit. 2) Always remember Rule #1”.

This is the only way to be motivated. No one will come to motivate you on the day of the exam so you need to believe in yourself. It’s a very crucial time, utilize it and prove yourself. There are no strict rules that one can crack CAT 2022 if the preparations are already been started. With only three months of rigorous preparation have been able to pull it off. It’s true that if you start early you will have a lot of time and can prepare easily. If not, then it could be quite painful but still, you will pull it off as long as you are determined to do so.

Preparing for the day of  CAT 2022 exam does not only mean that the candidates must be ready to answer all the questions. It also means that the candidate is aware of all the rules and regulations of the examination center. These rules and regulations include:

Things to carry for cat exam:


  • Reach the exam center of CAT 2022 one hour before the exam


  • Carry all necessary identification documents.


  • Do not bring electronic gadgets to the exam center


  • Follow the instructions for biometric attendance and seating arrangement, etc.


Mandatory Documents that the aspirants must carry to the CAT 2022 exam center-

CAT 2022 Admit Card

Remember CAT admit card is the most important document to be taken to the exam center. No candidate will be allowed in the exam room without the CAT 2022 admit card.

Each candidate has to download the Admit Card from the official IIMCAT website (October 27, 2022) before the exam date. Additionally, your CAT 2022 card must have the same passport size as loaded together with the CAT 2022 application form. So make sure you paste the same photos on the CAT 2022 card.

At the CAT exam center, you will need a photo identity card provided by the Government of India. Secondary identity proof along with the CAT 2022 admit card is required to keep a check on imposters.


Identity Proof

As a photo identity proof, a candidate can carry any of the following:

•     College ID (must be supported with a valid debit/credit card)

•     Employer ID

•     Driving License

•     Passport

•     PAN Card

•     Voter ID

•     Aadhaar card

•     UID


Name change degree Document (only if applicable)

In case where the name of the candidate's had been changed due to an event (such as marriage, legal name change, divorce), he/she will be required to bring a change of name degree document that supports the name change. This document may be a marriage certificate, a divorce certificate, etc. In addition, bring a notarized photocopy of the supporting document.

Things that you should not bring to the examination hall:-

Leave your Mobile phones, smart watches at home or ensure that you are not carrying any electronic device with you. Writing paper or graph paper are not permitted to bring in the exam hall. As the CAT 2022 examination is computerized based test so there is no need to bring any pen or pencil. If anyone wants then it will be provided in the examination room.


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